CapCascOS 1.0 first Release Candidate is now available!

CapCascOS v1.0 RC1 has being released! Along with the new Logo and Themes, The CapCascOS brings a lot of new features like Multiprocessing Support for Mixed CPU Architectures, and a simplified and powerful GUI.

CapCascOS version 1.0 Beta Preview!

CapCascOS v1.0 Beta release is upcoming and this is the first preview of some of the tools the user will find in it.

European Maker Faire 2016: Thank you all!

We would like to thank all the people who visited our booth (C37, Pavillion 7) at Maker Faire Rome 2016 (#MFR16)! We were thrilled and very pleased by the interest you showed in the Capcasc, and proud that many of you spent up to half an hour and more, of their visit to such a spectacular Faire, attending the activities at our booth! ...


CapCasc New Models selected for the European Maker Faire 2016!

We are so happy that our new Models have been selected to participate to the European Maker Faire 2016 (#MFR16)! We really appreciate the chance their giving us to extend the knowledge of our Technology to all the audience of Maker's and technology users and enthusiasts that are going to attend the Event (an attendance of more 100.000 people is expected!).


The CapCasc is On National Television!

Famous Italian Journalist Matteo Parlato gave us a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and showed our first prototype on National TV Channel RAI News24.

The CapCasc Product Brief is available for Download

Now our Product brief can be downloaded for off-line reading or for further reference, here


CapCasc Youtube Channels and Videos!

Videos and News about CapCasc Technology can be watched on new Youtube Channels


Moore's Law is dead, long live the CapCasc!


Advantages of Using a new Computer Cluster Platfom: The CapCasc

For End Users

  • Processing Power at will
  • Plug-n-Play Applications
  • No more HW and SW incompatibilities
  • Instantaneus Upgrade
  • Lowest costs due to Open Source
  • Unprecedented Browsing and Data Security
  • Unprecedented AntiVirus Capabilities
  • Multiple OSs at the same time
  • more...

For Businesses

  • Processing Power at will
  • Instantaneus Deployment
  • FailSafe SwitchOver
  • 100% Replicable Environments
  • HW Data and Communications Contaiment
  • Open Standards Simplify Procurement
  • Unprecedented AntiIntrusion Capabilities
  • Granular Power Management
  • more...

For Developers

  • Truly Encapsulated Objects
  • 100% System level Control
  • Freedom of choice between OSs
  • Open Source
  • Solid Distribuited Computing Architectures
  • Function Specific OS Tailoring
  • Customer Platform Indipendence
  • more...

For the Software Industry

  • A completely new Market sector
  • No royalties to pay
  • 100% OS indipendency
  • Completely new Sales Channels
  • Real World flawless Interoperability
  • Hardware Licensing Control
  • more...

For the Hardware Industry

  • A completely new Market sector
  • A vehicle to work along Proprietary Platforms
  • Open Hardware
  • Completely new Sales Channels
  • Real World flawless Interoperability
  • more...

For Silicon Vendors

  • Volumes multiplied by 10 and 100+ times
  • Real Interoperability
  • An opportunity to reach directly the end user
  • A mass market for Dedicated Processors
  • A mass market for Reconfigurable Logic
  • more...
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