Advantages fo Businesses

Processing Power at will
The system can accomodate any number of Processing Nodes, so when more Processing Power is required, one or more CAPs - with the desired combination of Cores, GPUs, etc. - can be added. If there's no more room inside the CASC just replace the CAPs container with a bigger one and adjust the Power Supply resources accordingly. Finally, if more Data Bandwidth is needed, one or more Multiplexing Systems can be added.

Instantaneus Deployment
Deploying a completely new Application System is as easy as placing or replacing one or more balls - the CAPs - inside a container - the CASC. In fact, the system automatically recognize and initialize all CAPs placed inside the CASC and put them at work Instantaneously, without any further intervention by the user. Software only Deployments or Upgrades are even easier, because Control CAPs can - at any time - force any number of Processign CAPs to reset and reboot from a completely new "disk" image - which in turn can comprise all required Firmware, Operating System and Application Software.

Fail-Safe Switch-Over
Both Test and Production Systems can coexist without any reciprocal interference within a single CapCasc. Thus facilitating the development process and allowing a Fail-Safe transition between old and new Releases.

100% Replicable Environments
Processing CAPs are completely encapsulated systems - HW + Firmware + OS + Application Software. All software running through every single Processing CAP is served by a Control CAP. Similarly, all Data running through every single Processing CAP can only be accessed under the control of Control CAPs. That way, Control CAPs can - at any moment - initialize any number of Processing CAPs to any given state.

HW Data and Communication Channels Contaiment
All functionalities involving a potential Security Risk can be implemented using one or more specific CAPs. That way all Sensitive Data and Communications Channels are allowed only within a specific security-hardened area of the system, where every single feature - from the CPU, to Firmware, OS, etc. - can be tailored and constantly monitored by the Control CAPs to achieve the highest levels of security. Also, such an arrangement facilitates the adoption of Hardware level Cryptography.

Open Standards Simplify Procurement
All Hardware and Software features of the CapCasc will be Open-Source, thus assuring a wider choice of Suppliers.

Unprecedented AntiIntrusion Capabilities
The system can use its Data and Communication Channels Containment feature to keep all areas prone to potential intrusion under permanent control, and when anomalies are identified, Control CAPs can respond at any level. And in case all attempts to clear the system fail, offending CAPs can be forced to reset and reboot, or even switched off remotely and physically removed from the system for further inspection.

Granular Power Management
Any unnecessary CAP can be switched off and turned back on automatically on the basis of resources demand, thus enabling Processor-Level Power Management

Superior Load Balancing
Similarly, all CAPs - comprising a single Processor - can be automatically re/assigned to any task on demand.