Advantages for Developers

Truly Encapsulated Objects
CapCasc Technology is founded on the basis that any given Software Function or set of Functions must encapsulate their own Hardware and Base Software (Firmware, OS, etc.) implementation - as an extension (or completion) of the Encapsulation concept used in Object Oriented Programming Languages. Practically, this means that Developers can implement any set of Software Functions - from a single Low Level Directive to a complete Application - inside a single CAP - or set of twin CAPs. This way, the implementing - higher level - code, is encapsulated along with all the required Hardware and low level-Software supporting Systems. Operating System, Firmware, and supporting Hardware only belong to a single Application or Software Function, ensuring that the environment for any given Software is always within specifications. Also, all supporting Hardware and Software components can be tailored to the specific requirements at design stage, allowing the highest levels of optimization.

100% System level Control
The True Encapsulation implemented by a CAP, grants all running Applications a complete control over all the resources contained within the CAP itself, all the way down to the Hardware Level.

Freedom of choice between OSs
CapCasc Technology is based on components derived from the Linux Operating System, but the Standard allows CAPs with any kind of Operating System to coexist within the same CapCasc and cooperate at the Application and Transport Levels.

Open Source
The benefits of using Open Source Software and Hardware are well known. In particular, for the vast choice of available code that can used, integrated, mixed and extended to implement any kind of Application.

Solid Distribuited Computing Architectures
CapCasc Technology is based on the best time-tested Open Software platforms for Distributed Computing. And is still enough loosely characterized to be used to implement almost any kind of Parallel Computing Architecture, starting from a simple HPC test bed up to a full-fledged Peta-Level Super Computer.

Function Specific OS Tailoring
Finally, there's no more need to deploy all Applications along with humongous OSs. Only what's really required by the Application can now be the OS part of a CAP, with all the benefits discussed above.

Customer Platform Indipendence
An Application implemented in a CAP is able to run, whatever OS the Customer installed on the rest of its CapCasc. Developers are thus free to choose only the best OS for their Applications and still be able to make it run anywhere.

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