A new kind of Computing Cluster: from the Desktop, to the Singularity!

Briefly, the CapCasc is a new kind of Computer, in which you can add all the additional Processors you need.

More precisely, every sphere - called CAP or "Completely Autonomous Processor" - is a complete Computer that can work as a Generic Processor or have a specific task, for example making GPU work.

While, the box below - called CASC or "Control And Support Carrier" - contains the controlling Computer and all the support Hardware such as the PSU and all the Interfaces for external I/O.

In other words, the CapCasc can be seen as a Cluster of Computers, but its novel - Patent Pending - design, addresses all the issues of current Clusters, and in addition makes such a complex architecture suitable and preferable even for everyday use. In fact, the CapCasc Architecture brings a wealth of advantages, summarized In the following infographic:

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