CapCascOS version 1.0 Beta Preview!

CapCascOS v1.0 Beta release is upcoming and this is the first preview of some of the tools the user will find in it. In this page you can see 3 screenshots of our version of the Gnome System-Monitor (a rewrite was due in order to adapt it to the high number of CPUs that can be installed in a CapCasc). The CapCascOS - System Monitor can also be used to Manage all the Administrative tasks. In fact, in the first picture can be seen a new Control Panel tab, which is not present in the usual System Monitor, which is used to access all the Tools and Configurations Settings peculiar to the innovative CapCasc architecture.

The second and third pictures both show, on top the CapCasc Dashboard, and at the bottom the usual Resource graphical screen, with all the usage data for the choosen hardware resource. The CapCasc Dashboard is where all the System Resources are displayed and can be selected to get the informations for the specific part.

The only difference between the last 2 screenshots is that in the first case the Entire System - 40 CPU Cores - is selected and displayed, while in the last picture only the data from CAP 1 - 4 CPU Cores - are shown.