Advantages for End Users

Processing Power at will
The system can accomodate any number of Processing Nodes, so when more Processing Power is required, a new CAP - with the desired combination of Cores, GPUs, etc. - can be added. If there's no more room inside the CASC just replace the outside container - the outer cylinder - with a bigger one. Finally a bigger and more powerful Multiplexing System - the inner cylinder - can be added, if more Data Communication Bandwidth is desired.

Plug-n-Play Applications
Installing a new Application is as easy as placing a ball - the CAP - inside a container - the CASC. In fact, the system automatically recognize and initialize all CAPs placed inside the CASC and put them at work Instantaneously, without any further intervention by the user.

No more HW and SW incompatibilities
Any Application contained in a CAPs has its own Processor, memory and interfaces, and it works regardless of the characteristics of the surrounding system. Also, if the other CAPs can provide any further resource, it will automatically cooperate with them to improve its performance.

Instantaneus Upgrade
Upgrading one or more CAPs can be done simply replacing them, or just replacing a flash memory inside of them - usually a microSD card - like we all do with smartphones.

Lowest costs and Higher Quality due to Open Source
All Hardware and Software features of the CapCasc will be Open-Source. Therefore there are no licensing fees to worry about and all the Hardware Producers will compete offering better features and lower costs

Unprecedented Browsing and Data Security
Using one or more specific Processors - or CAPs - for every activity involving a potential Security Risk - like Internet Browsing or Private/Sensitive Data Processing - assures that all security functions can be tailored to the specific feature, and that all the Data is kept only within the secured hardware. The Architecture of the CapCasc also facilitates the adoption of Hardware level Cryptography.

Unprecedented AntiVirus Capabilities
The CapCasc Control System has a complete control over all the basic functions of the CAPs - like Bootstrapping, Data Communication, Firmware Upgrade, Power Supply. Thus, to the traditional Anti-Virus Software features, it adds up a number of Unprecedented Hardware level Inspecting capabilities. For Example, among other things, is capable to re-boot - with a secure OS image - any affected CAP, or even decide to turn it off remotely

Freedom of choice between OS platforms
CapCasc basic OS is based on Linux, but all the Processing CAPs - the working Processors within a CapCasc - can run any OS. This way the user can choose any Proprietary Operating Systems that can run inside a CAP using the CapCasc Open-Standard.

Multiple OSs at the same time
Any CAP can run its own Operating Systems Image, so any combination of Open-Source and/or Proprietary OSs can run concurrently. So, no more Rebooting - or resource-hungry and inefficient Virtualization Software - will be required to let various OSs coexist and cooperate.