CapCasc Models

Casc Models:

There are 4 different Models of Casc (the base), based on size:

  • Casc Mini, not shown in the picture on the right, has a very small footprint and a slim lined base, and is ready to host up to 6 CAPs
  • Casc 5s, is the smaller one, with a slim lined base and ready to host up to 6 CAPs
  • Casc 10, is the medium sized, with a full height base and ready to host up to 12 CAPs
  • Casc 50s, the bigger one, with a slim lined base and ready to host up to 48 CAPs

All models can be expanded to accommodate any amount of CAPs.
A new "Hub" and a "Bus Pipe" must be added to a CASC for every set of 6 CAPs.
Casc models only differ on the size of the Control Motherboard they can accomodate, and on the amount of additional I/O interfaces they support.
The picture below shows a model 10 and a model 5s expanded respectively to 24 and 12 Processors. in the front, can also be seen a group of 6 CAPs with their own HUB.

Cap Models:

Currently, there are 3 lines of CAPs (the Spheres), based on the underlying CPU architecture and data bus width:
  • Cap - ARM32: AllWinner H3 Quad-Core ARM-Cortex-A7 @1.2GHz 32bit with MALI 400 MP2 GPU @600MHz
  • Cap - ARM64: AllWinner H5 Quad-Core ARM-Cortex-A53 @1.2GHz 64bit with MALI 450 MP4 GPU @750MHz
  • Cap - Atom64: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Quad-Core @1.97Ghz 64bit with IntelĀ® HD 400 Graphics (GEN 8) @500MHz

FPGA capabilities can also be optionally added to all lines of Caps:

  • Cap - FPGA Spartan6 Modules: with Xilinx Spartan XC6SLX9-TQG144, 512KB/2MB SRAM,
  • Cap - FPGA Spartan3 Modules: with Xilinx Spartan XC3S500E, 256KB/512KB SRAM,
  • Cap - FPGA iCE40 Module: with Lattice iCE40HX1K-VQ100, 512KB SRAM, it can be used with IceStorm FOSS Open Source and Free Software Tool-Chain.