CapCascOS 1.0 first Release Candidate is now available!

CapCascOS 1.0 rc - Logo
CapCascOS v1.0 RC1 has being released! It sports a new Logo and a few Desktop Themes. But, more importantly, our newest release of CapCascOS implements a wealth of new functions. The most notable are:
  • Multiprocessing Support for Mixed CPU Architectures - applications can run concurrently on Intel and ARM processors and exploit all the available processing power in the CapCasc (only available to applications with an open source code, unless closed source apps are recompiled specifically for OS! by their respective owners)
  • Multiprocessing Support for Mixed GPU Architectures - applications can use all the GPUs in the CapCasc even if they are running on Heterogeneous OS and Hardware Platforms - eg: Windows and Linux, Intel and ARM - giving a real boost to the video performance of all graphic applications, like Video Editors, Games, 3D Renderers, etc.
  • CapCasc Notifier - A System TaskBar Applet that simplifies the everyday use of yout CapCasc

Along with the revolutionary features of previous versions:

  • Virtual SMP for Intel CPUs - any x86/x86-64 application can use all installed cores as if they were in a single machine
  • Virtual SMP for ARM CPUs - any Cortex A application can use all installed cores as if they were in a single machine
  • CapCascOS System Monitor - a powerful and easy to use GUI to keep track and manage all Cluster activities

In this new version, the most useful addition in our GUI is the CapCascOS-Notifier, a System TaskBar Applet that informs you of all the main events in the cluster and gives you a direct access to all your preferred applications.