Moore's Law is dead, long live the CapCasc!

The death of Moore's Law is now an accepted truth. In fact, is almost 10 years that the IT Industry is struggling to keep pace with Moore's Law predictions. And the gap is increasing exponentially.

From a consumer perspective things are even worse: while in the Industry heydays the Quality Adjusted Price - the value for money - of IT devices raised steadily from a 16% up to a 23% every year, starting from 2010 it dropped to a mere 2%! Which means that if I buy a new computer/smartphone/etc. every year what I get is only 2% better of what I had the year before!! Consequently I need to wait 10 years to achieve an improvement comparable with those I had when Moore's Law was effective!!! Is definitely about time to ask ourself what we've done wrong!

The answer is simple: Our faithful confidence in an ever lasting Moore's Law made us -very- lazy computer designers! We though, there's no need to adopt really new and improved IT Architectures when the incoming Processor is going to be two times faster thus driving market request. As a result, we ended up with no real scalability, interoperability and a huge bandwidth bottleneck between CPUs and I/O.

Of course that was wrong already then, but now that new Generations of Processors are not getting substantially faster than old ones is an even bigger mistake! So, how can we fix this? again it's Simple: from a Computer System perspective, processor count and overall communication bandwidth must have no limit! For instance, the amount of processors and the data transfer bandwidth have not to be limited by design, but so far that wasn't feasible: we only had Computers with a finite number of Processors (eg: 1, 2, 8, 64), and a finite usable bandwidth. (eg:100Mb/s, 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s, 100Gb/s).

Fortunately, all that is no longer valid! In fact, the Computer presented here is Designed to accept any number of processors - with any number of cores, and GPUs, FPGAs, etc.! And the same applies to the data communications channels supported by those processors - like Ethernet, USB, etc.!!! This is a real product! And Prototypes will be unveiled quite soon!

This could also mark the end of the kind of marketing hype we are used to, so that we can rediscover what's really innovative, and how much substantial innovation can really improve society!

So, please, come back frequently and you won't miss any update!